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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Virtual Smartphone over IP

The number of smartphone users and mobile application offerings are growing rapidly. A smartphone is often expected to offer PC-like functionality.  we present Virtual Smartphone over IP system that allows users to create virtual smartphone images in the mobile cloud and to customize
each image to meet different needs. Users can easily and freely tap into the power of the data center by installing the desired mobile applications remotely in oneof these images. Because the mobile applications are controlled remotely, they are not constrained by the limit of processing power, memory and battery life of a physical smartphone.

Virtual Smartphone over IP system that allows smartphone users to create virtual images of smartphones in the cloud and access these images remotely from their physical smartphone. The prototype we implemented integrates the remote environment with the local environment and allows users to run remote applications as they would locally. Through our prototype, mobile applications installed in the cloud can access sensor readings on the physical smartphone. Our prototype also boosts the performance of mobile applications by providing

v virtually unlimited computing resources at user’s fingertips
v without draining the device battery.

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