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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Speed Up Your Network Connectivity by Simple Way

                         Now a days people having internet service integrated with any local service or with wifi in your area may suffering from low internet connectivity ,This can be optimized as by
following techniques  .That is due to the ip address allocation for connection to our system by the server.
                        This basically done by dhcp server which is used to configure your system dynamically. This generally takes several times to configure your system because of the number of users and memory capability of the server.
                        Insted of using dhcp server , first connect your system to internet and note down your  ip address , subnet address and default gateway ip provided for your system and then write it down . Manually make configure your system with the above ip addresses
                        you have to note that your ip address may get conflict in some times just try change your ip with some adjacent values or else get details once again. Then if you configure once your system you may connect your laptop as fast as you click connect


  1. good thought... try to find a way to implements this automatically ( with the help of software or your own script or something)

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